4th HC3A Meeting

The 4th biannual Meeting of the HC3A network will take place at the Faculty of Chemistry – Universitat de Barcelona on January 20-21, 2022.

The program (here) consists of:

-one-half day of a Thematic School (this time dedicated to hydrogen: All about H2: from production to activation) with 2 invited speakers and 4 oral communications

-two Transversal sessions with 2 invited speakers and 13 oral communications

-two parallel Topic sessions with 16 oral communications

Organizing Committee:

Laura Rodríguez (Meeting chairperson, UB, Barcelona)

Isabelle Favier (LHFA, Toulouse)

Ariadna Lázaro (UB, Barcelona)

Nuria Romero (LCC, Toulouse)

Daniel Torralba (UAB, Barcelona)

Scientific Committee:

Didier Bourissou (LHFA, Toulouse)

Jean-Marc Campagne (ICG, Montpellier)

Patrick Gamez (UB, Barcelona)

Montserrat Gómez (LHFA, Toulouse)

Ona Illa (UAB, Barcelona)

Karine Philippot (LCC, Toulouse)


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